Buck Hunter Arcade Game

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    Awesome hunting gameplay with intense realism
    Crazy fun game modes
    Panorama or Mini Model Available (cabinet size difference)
    Coin-Op Online w/ Fees or Offline Home Edition Available
    Robust online capabilities with real-time head-to-head competition, tournaments, location finder, social networking, credit card acceptance
    Included Verizon wireless modem for online features
    Ergonomic and structurally improved Big Buck HD guns
    New and powerful Dell PC
    Home online play is $39.99 per month in the US
    Mini Dimensions: 37" W x 43" D x 83" H
    Panorama Dimensions: 31.5" W x 51.7" D x 86" H 420 lbs

Modes/DLCs Included:

    Duck Dynasty
    Bow Hunting
    Zombies Doe of the Dead
    Monsters Lost Island
    Terminator Salvation Delta Mission
    10 original animal adventures including Big Buck Wild and Zombie Deer