Why Are Boxing Machines So Popular and Earn So Much Money?

Why Are Boxing Machines So Popular and Earn So Much Money?

Boxing machines are a great fit for bars, lounges, bowling alleys, and anywhere men hang out with the guys or take their girls.

Many men are naturally competitive. Boxing machines give them a way to compare themselves to others and show off for their dates.

Even restaurants, skating rings, shopping malls, movie theaters and cinemas are profiting from having boxing machines installed.

Is a Boxing Arcade Machine Profitable?

Because boxing machines have smaller footprints than many other entertainment machines and they don't take long to play, they can be the highest earner in the room.

When they're being used, they attract spectators. Many of those watching can't wait to take their turn next.

It doesn't take much to keep them working so they rarely have down time. Besides just boxing, we offer combination boxing and kicking machines.

Some machines such as the Comboprize Comic boxing machines have prizes for certain scores. Having a goal increases the number of plays per user.

How Much Can a Boxing Machine Earn?

Whether you call them punching bag machines, boxing punch games, or boxer machines, they can be the top earning machine in any location.

And demand is growing. According to the Global Boxing Equipment Market Research Report 2023:

"North American market for Boxing Equipment is estimated to increase from $173.63 million in 2023 to reach $218.03 million by 2029, at a CAGR of 5.48% during the forecast period of 2023 through 2029."

Obviously, the more customers you have the more a boxing machine can generate. According to this Redditor:

"It's a consistent #1 machine in a bowling alley/bar with 36 other arcade machines. But that demographic is mostly lower/middle class Southern, so a lot of the physical type machines tend to do well there."

No Investment Required to Make Money with a Boxing Machine

Do you know about the Got Arcades revenue sharing model? We do everything for you from acquiring a boxing machine to installation and maintenance.

Your business only needs to provide a location with 110v power. Then sit back and wait for your monthly profits to arrive via check.