How a Photo Booth Became So Popular in a Bar Located in Tacoma Washington

How a Photo Booth Became So Popular in a Bar Located in Tacoma Washington

Could your business use some extra income? Why not emulate the success of Church Cantina in Tacoma, Washington?

They have found a hassle-free method for generating added earnings while requiring none of their time. Then, once a month, they receive a check.

How Much Can a Photo Booth Earn Per Month?

Their photo booth does really well and earns around $1500 a month in a good month. Read on to find out what they do that increases their income each month.

The best thing about a photo booth is the business owner doesn’t have to do anything to earn their revenue share of 25% except provide a space and a regular power outlet for the photo booth.

Advantages of the Photo Booth Revenue Share Model

There was no risk to Church Cantina. They didn’t need to know how much the photo booth would earn or if it would take off right away.

That is because they didn’t have to put out any money up front. Got Arcades provides everything from the photo booth to supplies to service.

Their Got Arcades tech Dave handles everything for them. The photo booth accepts $1 and $5 paper money or credit cards.

The business never has to touch the machine or money.

Each month, they receive a nice check. What could be better than a stream of income that requires none of your time or energy and pays you every month?

How This Tacoma Photo Booth Became So Popular

In the beginning, word of mouth in the bar led people to use the photo booth. Some people probably saw it and decided to check it out.

The photo booth prints two strips of four photos. Patrons were encouraged to tape the extra copy of their photos to the booth.

All those photos are real attention grabbers!

Over time, the photos covered the booth, the walls, and even the ceiling as you can see in the image above.

What could be better than a money-earning machine that promotes itself at no cost to your business?

Photo Booth Types and Customizations

Do you have room for a photo booth? Fortunately for you, they come in multiple sizes. Even better, you can customize the photos and the photo booth!

As you can see in the photo, we offer two sizes of photo booth. You can have your logo emblazoned on the booth or have the entire booth wrapped with your custom design.

The borders and backgrounds on the printed photos can also be customized. Some photo booth models can upload the photos to social media so that patrons can promote your business for you as they share their photos!  

How You Can Get Your Own Revenue Sharing Photo Booth in Oregon or Washington

Getting started is simple. Give our team a call at 800-796-3486 or 503-364-3486. Or click the chat button to get more information.