Crane Machines Earning Money! The Key to Success

Crane Machines Earning Money! The Key to Success

Skill cranes, crane machines, and claw machines are all popular names for an addictive glass display full of desirable prizes.

Any business can profit from a crane machine generating a passive income.

All it takes is a location with foot traffic and the right product selection.

You don't even have to buy the machine. With our crane machine revenue sharing model, everything is done for you and all you do is cash your monthly checks!

How Much Can a Crane Machine Earn?

The primary deciding factor on earnings is how many potential customers you have. Machines can make anywhere from $200-$300 a month to $1500+/mo.

Arcades with many crane machines can earn multiples of these amounts.

How Many Claw Machines to Host?

Restaurants typically have one claw machine located near an entrance.

A grocery store may have multiples, one for each entrance or exit. Not all family members assist with the shopping, so they have time to play!

A pizza parlor may host one or two, but an arcade could have many cranes with different themes.

Movie theaters could benefit from having one crane machine near each poster and entrance showing popular new movies.

The more claw machines you have -- provided you have plenty of potential players -- the more money you can earn.

Tips to Maximize Crane Machine Profits

How much your claw machine earns depends on factors such as the location, how busy your business is, and your strategy for win percentages.

Location, Location, Location -- and Traffic!

The best location for your claw machine is where your customers will see it. That could be just inside the front door or on the way to the bathrooms.

The more people who pass by the skill crane machine, the more likely they are to play it. And when customers see someone else win, they'll want to give it a try, too!

Multiple Forms of Payment

Providing multiple methods players can use to play your machine will increase usage and profits.

Ideally, your machine should accept coins, folding money, and credit / debit cards.

Crane Machine Product Mix

Deciding what to put in your skill crane machine greatly impacts earning potential. Your location and what is popular at the time both make a difference.

For example, if you have a movie theater and the new Ghost Buster movie just came out, Ghost Buster branded merchandise would be more popular than ever.

Branded merchandise is more costly than generic merchandise. But the popularity of the brand can increase earnings.

On the other hand, you can set a higher win percentage if you use generic products instead of branded.

What works best for your customer mix can be tested over time.

Popular Brands for Skill Claw Machines

Brand popularity is continually changing. Fortunately, it is easy to add new products or switch product lines.

Hello Kitty, Mario Bros., and Pokemon are consistently profitable brands.

Paying attention to upcoming movie releases and brands that are taking off can up the income you generate.

Crane Machine Win Percentage Pricing Strategy

There is a trade-off when you choose branded versus generic products.To cover the higher cost of branded products, you'll need to set the win ratio lower.

Because generic products are less expensive, you can set the machine to let patrons win more often.

When you have strong foot traffic, seeing others win can generate excitement and keep the machine busy.

A good payout ratio is 30% of revenue. 

How to Get a Crane Machine Installed

The easy way if you're in Oregon or Washington is to contact us at Got Arcades.

We can handle all the details for you. All you need to do is provide a location with 110v power.

Everything from sourcing the products, servicing the machine, and collecting the money is done for you.

Then, once a month you'll receive a nice check. Our revenue sharing model is as close to real passive income as a business is likely to get!